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mandag den 3. december 2018

Samurai Bandit

A converted bandit from Warlords test of Honour range.

mandag den 26. november 2018

Rohan Warriors

With the release of GW´s Battle of Pellonor fields the not so new game once again draw people in.
always loved the movies and with that the miniatures from the lotr range. Now new boxes have been made but also a few stunning figures and more to come. The old riders of Rohan is still good figures with their flaws like the horses sure to break their legs at some time as one. Compared to new figures from gripping beast and the perry brothers they are old, but once painted up and riding those orcs down I love them.

søndag den 4. november 2018

Onna Bugeisha

"Test of honour" range sold by warlord games and miniatures made by footsore models as I understand it. I got all their metal boxed sets, and just have to say they just get better and

mandag den 27. august 2018

"The other seven"

 "The Other Seven" from great escape games.  They are a bunch of lovely figures one painted, but have to admit I struggled a little with the quality. From figures which are so new I have to admit I was disappointed with the casting. A fair amount of flash and had to make a small conversion to fix the broken gun on the Chris Prat character. He got a stick of dynamite which I think just make him better and true to the movie. Apart from that one painted and together I like the end result.

torsdag den 15. februar 2018

Spears finally arrived

Hyw Militia with city banner and pavisses from Dunkirk. Until now most of my HYW army has been painted fairly quickly, this time was different painting all the figures without much uniform, the pavisses where going to tie the unit together. All metal parts on these have been done just with washes and micro painting over the casing metal. The figures are all from claymore castings and just the best sculpts I have painted so far. Their range still not complete but just have a look at their new pavisse teams....mindblowing IMHO. Go to the HYW French page to see the rest of the unit