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søndag den 4. november 2018

Onna Bugeisha

"Test of honour" range sold by warlord games and miniatures made by footsore models as I understand it. I got all their metal boxed sets, and just have to say they just get better and

mandag den 27. august 2018

"The other seven"

 "The Other Seven" from great escape games.  They are a bunch of lovely figures one painted, but have to admit I struggled a little with the quality. From figures which are so new I have to admit I was disappointed with the casting. A fair amount of flash and had to make a small conversion to fix the broken gun on the Chris Prat character. He got a stick of dynamite which I think just make him better and true to the movie. Apart from that one painted and together I like the end result.

torsdag den 15. februar 2018

Spears finally arrived

Hyw Militia with city banner and pavisses from Dunkirk. Until now most of my HYW army has been painted fairly quickly, this time was different painting all the figures without much uniform, the pavisses where going to tie the unit together. All metal parts on these have been done just with washes and micro painting over the casing metal. The figures are all from claymore castings and just the best sculpts I have painted so far. Their range still not complete but just have a look at their new pavisse teams....mindblowing IMHO. Go to the HYW French page to see the rest of the unit

søndag den 31. december 2017

HYW City Militia banner bearers

1 plastic figure from the perry´s and one from Claymore casttings. The Perry´s nothing to say nice figures, very good rep. Claymore their range is incomplete but work is progressing well I think. They are early hyw but should not be a problem for most of the figures and they are stunning. Different facial expressions on each miniature casting totally crisp and the detail even better than perry miniatures and so much ahead of front rank.
Well actually it was the 2 banners I wanted to show. Both made of lead French foil from a good bottle of French wine, not around Peronne I am afraid but never the less. I actually just attached the little men big Studio transfers used for the pavisses. and painted the rest of the  

flag. Hmmm that did not quite work since the edges clearly showed. Of to work again with paint in multible layers and last lots of streaks to camouflage the transfer edges. Think it turned out all right and one needs to get really close to spot them now. The Dunkirk militia coming next, just waiting for the spears to arrive. Happy new year to all of you,

mandag den 18. december 2017

Earl of Salisbury

The famous general Earl of Salisbury. The most distinguished English commander produced during the 100 years war, after Henry V. First commander after king Henry to be a gunnery expert. Liked and trusted by his men. Fought most of his life as an soldier in France under the Duke of Bedford the French regent from 1422-1428.

torsdag den 14. december 2017

Edward Duke of York

Edward of Norwich or better known as Duke of York during the campaign in 1415 which eventually was to cost the duke his life. His head smashed in with ...maybe a French warhammer. The highest ranking Englishman to loose his life in that battle. The base is the standard(for my army) 60mmx40mm, which all my known knights are placed on. Repainted part of the banner, since it was the one bought for Henry v, and a small conversion to the squire holding the shield so it showed Edwards heraldry.