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mandag den 18. september 2017

Lord Rambures

Lord Rambures master of the crossbows with a few men at arms.

søndag den 13. august 2017

Knuckleduster "poker table"

 Poker table with 4 cowboys. Quality as expected from knuckleduster. 30£ for 2 tables that in the high end I think, but never the less a most nicely model. My only complain was that 4 chairs came without legs. sitting in the box for a couple of month without me noticing made me not ask for new ones, quess I can fix it.  Best models on the market IMHO.

Just noticed the photo is a little blurred will try an dtake some new ones shortly, sry

mandag den 19. juni 2017

Knuckledusters cowboys

Another batch of cowboys from "knuckleduster digital". Not much to say....just keep them coming : )

fredag den 9. juni 2017

Knuckleduster mexicans and a dude´

Another batch of gun slingers from Knuckle duster miniatures, not much to say...they are "spitze".

tirsdag den 6. juni 2017

Wild west Curse

4 figures for wild west games with a twist. Maybe " The curse of dead mans hand " or.... think they are Reaper miniatures apart from the werewolf which I am a little unsure about. At fist found them really tiny but when painted up I really like them and think they will go perfect with ranges like knuckleduster or Artizan.

mandag den 5. juni 2017

One happy Cowboy

Small vigenette from Knuckleduster Digital. Nice and crisp sculpts. Will fit right into my bar, Where some villain will surely start a brawl over this soiled dove.