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tirsdag den 9. maj 2017

Zombies for wild west

Just painted these as a part of a commision. Painted up nicely. Tink they are from Reaper miniatures which is a new experience for me and a pleasant surprice they were, crisp moulding and no flash.

søndag den 30. april 2017

Wild west "Knuckleduster digital"

Part of a larger commision these miniatures are just a delight to work with. Crisp sculpting and just in the spirit of the old West. I love them, so even though these go to the "states" I will continue to add them to my own collection.
That John Wayne character hit everything from the hip, totally nice sculpt

Might be the guys to the right and left that dominate the town, but the sherif in the midle have been there a long time and defines the spirit of the town.

Ladies in peril.....or not!

"the working men"

søndag den 23. april 2017

Wild west "old style"

Some older knuckleduster figures before the age of digital produced figures. Their age showed both in flash and quality but in the end I was quite happy with the result and thing they will be a great addition to any wild West game.

onsdag den 5. april 2017

Sir Walter Hungerford Retinue HYW

A new unit for my English army. This time I decided upon a known knight. The 2 big bases are new the 4 individual based knights from one of my other units. The idea is to add some charaters  to units giving them a more historical feel. These can then be replaced by other as you feel like depending on the battle/period. Once again all figures are plastic and the banner is just straigt out of the box.

mandag den 23. januar 2017

The Rebasing of an Army "Samurai"

Yet another regiment rebased. Originally 20 models 10x2 models. so actually got models for yet another base. Ran out of Sarrissa pression bases so while I wait for the postman this is what you got.
And yes missed the arrowfeathers... just noticed....White in a few minutes: ). This regiment is not intented for a particular Clan, so leaves me with the opportunity to include them in any army when Building a force for battle.

 This time I rebased a Takeda ashigaru regiment. They where originally based on 20mmx20mm bases with magnets, still they were not easy to arrange for battle and the long pikes just kept falling off. So 4 40mm x 60mm bases. 5 to 6 figures on each so think I got 3-4 left overs for some ronin regiment.

onsdag den 18. januar 2017

The Rebasing of an army

Started to rebase my samurai army. I just kind of like the look when the models are bases on bigger bases. It not onlly makes it easier to move them around but also offer the possibility to make more interesting, dynamic bases. Also it cuts down on models needed.
 I went for 40mmx60mm. Usually this is 6 models but then they have to stand very close. This is fine for napoleon armies organized in close ranks but samurai which fought in a much looser formation I think  the army could be represented in a more interesting way.

tirsdag den 10. januar 2017

Wild west "knuckledusters"

Finished those 2 from knuckleduster miniatures. The  figures from knuckleduster are fast becomming my favorite figures for my "dead mans hand" games. Also because right now there really is a good flow in new additions to the range. Can wait for those Card players to turn up at my local saloon.