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French and Indian

Been a long time since I painted Redoubt miniatures. Have to say I really enjoy the results you can achive with the figures. I finished 12 figures this time choosing a much lighter palette than years ago. Redoubt figures might have some issues which scare some wargamers away choosing the newer figures from Perry miniatures and conquest miniatures. They are nice and I own a lot of figures from Perry, but in a skirmish game these are just nice. Big and chunky and full of charater. And the range is just huge you can almost have everything.

 The new Canoes from AW. There are 3 different. 1 French(well one gots a mustache,might be a grenadier?), 1 ranger canoo or french militia/Canadian and 1 indian...will follow shortly. They paint up quite well and goes fine along the redoubt figures.

Rangers. All a pleasure to paint.

These are actually quite new on my shelf. Needed them when I bought The "musket and Tomahawk" rules. Again I think that the figures turn out quite nice when painted. Tried to use a pale colour sheme and no bright shiny colours. The "setlers base is very basic thinking that the terrain around their setlements would be without much grass ect. Some of them can be used for Militia British or French.

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  1. Nice review. I have a dozen or so of the Redoubt Indians. Nice big sculpts.