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lørdag den 15. oktober 2016

Captain Barbossa and Monkey Jack

Billedresultat for geoffrey rush barbossa

Geoffrey Rush as he looks in the movie. Been over quite a few shots of him from the movies. Depending on the light the clothes looks quite different, and at some point I had to make up my mind. In the end I am quite happy with the result and think it was a nice experience. painting took about a month but had numereus other project started and finished while working at Barbossa. Compared to many other bust´s he was quite a painting challenge with lots of details and parts like the shirt where you just could not hope to make a copy from the one worn in the movie. Well got Jude law as a russian ww2 sniper as my next bust.

Hoped you enjoyed it.

søndag den 2. oktober 2016

AW-Kneeling samurai

Kneeling samurai From AW-miniatures. Here shown with Takeda katsuyoris sashimos.