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Wild west Hotel and bar

My january project. Made of 3 mm foamboard. balsawood some hardwood and a lot of White glue.
Well had an overall idea what I wanted but no actual blueprints : ) Just went ahead and this is the result.
Walls and floors finished with foamboard

most inside floors finished

Outside walls finished with strips of balsawood added one at the time
Roof made of foambord and edges with balsawood

Balsawood added.
Roof painted with spraygun and drybrushed afterwards. Generally the hole Building is drybrushed to bring out the detail. Its hard to capture with the camera.

Balcony painted...I later decided to repaint it with the same colour as the roof.

Hard to see but windows added with transperant plastic.
After some reading on TMP I went for the longhorn hotel. Printed it on paper and painted it all afterwards.

Again a stencil helped me painting the texas longhorn logo on the building

The finished Building seen from the front 69...well you may figure that out yourself

might have to wash it all Down in some deluted dark Brown. In real life it is hard to ever see the foamboard beneath the planking but it shows in the Photos !the corner room need some detailing and maybe a Little paint.

more furniture, a piano and some knuckleduster dancers and customers are on the workbench

Hope you all enjoyed my hotel. it took a great deal of hours but there I fell quite happy with the result.

All the best Rasmus aka Miniaturepainter

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