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French HYW army

The French army

As a wargamepainter you just need something new to paint sometimes. Myself having painted hundreds and hundreds of ww2 figures I just needed to change my palette. for years this was napoleon. Their uniforms being much more colourfull and I was happy....for some time. Still had those big battalions which were for the most part very uniform in apperance which meant painting the same pattern again and again. I just wanted more freedom and what else to do than embark on a new period. The hundred years war. The perry brothers range when they released their plastic sets was just what I needed. Cheap and quite comprehensive and one could choose to go all in on patterns and heraldry or when you just wanted some quick strokes plain colours without to much work. The plastic sets come with a abundance of banners both for the French and English and for a long time that was fine for me. Recently I have bought some additions from GMB...I should never have done that, now I need more. Below is some of my figures and I will add more. Most have been on my HYW page but decided to devide in a French and an English section.

Charles Albret constable of france. Field commander at Agincourt.

Lord Rambures. Master of the crossbows.

French Knights under the command of the renowed Marchal of France "Jean le Maingre" or Boucicaut. Captured at Agincourt in 1415 and died 6 years later in Yorkshire

Dunkirk city Militia

Militia of Paris

Duc de Orleans

City Militia of Peronne.

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