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Test of Honour

Always loved samurai figures but always missed a skirmish game for them. Bought the  osprey rules but did not find what I was looking for there. Well then warlord launched their samurai skirmish game and Sarissa at the same time some nice looking terrain. I was at once very interested and 35 £ was not much. well I really did not need the figures having around 600 to take from. well I bough it despite reading multible reviews which was not totally impressed.

At first a little disappointed when I opened the box and really only needed the counters and the rules, but playtested the game a couple of times I thought it was really cool. Simple, easy to learn but still with a good  feel of the samurai age. well I will not say anymore which have been said elsewhere, I find its good value for money and the expansions are not costly. this page is solely to show off models and terrain : )

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