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fredag den 30. december 2016

Wild west Rebel Renegades and Banditos

6 figures from Black Scorpion. They are 32 mm and fit very well with knuckleduster and Artizan the later being just slightly smaller. They are made of resin but unlike some other resin items released the later years they are really good with no flaws. They bring plenty of caracter to you wild West games and I really think they are cool. A joy to paint and quite fast to with not to many details . They hold paint really well and like plastic you dont have to worry handling them. Thumps up from me.

More Banditos to follow

torsdag den 29. december 2016

Brunswick Uhlans 1815

HI Fellows. At last finished my squadron of Brunswick Uhlans from the 1815 campaign. Been a long way in finishing this unit because of other projects. Wanted to make this unit for ages since I just like their looks so much, being the main reason. Also it complets my goal for my Brunswick forces. Yes I dont have any single units fielded but I am fairly good covered. Command, 5 infantry battalions, 2 squadrons of cav. a small unit of horse art. and a small of foot arty.  Bugger dont have that horse arty....will be back.
    All the best Rasmus

torsdag den 8. december 2016

Town Militia of Paris

Figures are all plastic from the Perry Brothers. They need no praise them.....just perfect Again. The banners are from Little men big studios and a joy to Work with and can take a great deal of punisment before your thumps destroys them. This unit I went for a more uniformed look. Maybe to much, but I thought I needed a little change, all my other units only uniforms are  the white or red crosses. The reason for picking the colours of paris was just because I liked their shield designs so much. No historical data : )

mandag den 5. december 2016

SGT. Steiner

200mm bust of Sgt. Steiner played by James Coburn. in the warmovie from 1977. What a joy to paint. Everything came together quite nicely and did not need much work before the paintjob could start. I went all in with vallejo.
 In the past I always used oils in these scales but after watching youtubes about wet palletes and techniques using acrylics I have painted the last 3 with those. still got a long way to go but personally think it is getting better.