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Hundred years war

Two more themed militia units from Peronne one of the towns which Henry V crossed on the way to the coast. A crossbow unit with some pavises and some militia armed with axes.

and second a small unit of archers. colours mainly blue and yellow but still not very uniform just the colours somewhere in their clothes.

Count de Fauquembergues, bannerbearer and Herald

French Knights under the command of the renowed Marchal of France "Jean le Maingre" or Boucicaut. Captured at Agincourt in 1415 and died 6 years later in Yorkshire. This time I tried a much bigger base 12cmx5 cm.

Another mounted knight unit. All Perry metal miniatures. Apart from the oldr painted leader I tried a different approch to painting metal on these ones. Burnishing Technique . No paint, washes and burnishing with a metal dental Tool or knife. There are numereus articles on the net if you have not tried it yet. The result might not be perfect yet but I really like the approch and the effect can be quite stunning. Again the bases are kept to a minium...just charging over that bare field: ).

Duc of Orleans

Sir Umfraville(at the vanguard debarking at Hafleur)

Sir Walter Hungerford

Another go at a English Archer unit. This time a little more uniform. Decided to place them on 60mmX40mm. Personally I like the look better than individually based figures. well all my hyw will be a mix, giving me opportunities to play different games from big battles to small skirmishes.  Usually I place 5 figures on each base. It gives the option to tell small stories or adding a theme to the unit. This unit have 4 Archers charging out of the line in the middle, maybe to take out those wounded men at arms or the knights caught in the mud.... Also decided to give the bases some turfs, nothing over the top...actually had to stop myself when I was about to throw in all other kinds of turfs and flowers, since the rest of my army at the moment only have plain soil.

Plastic French infantry armed with hand weapons. Most are plastic but a few are metal for variation I added some metals. Again a joy to paint and quite fast. As the others I really went light on the bases. Only "boring" soil. Well think it goes okay for this. Might be my last individually based inf.troops preferring the 40mmx60mm bases.

Plastic french infantry from the perry´s. Like the Archers these figures are a joy to assemple and paint. Also like the Archers I did not want to go all in on the so the paintjob is fairly fast without too much time spend on them. still need to add some french crosses and think the unit will end up with 6 more figures...but need yet another box : ) Crosbowmen comming NeXT.
Did not paint that many figures from this age, still loves their sculpting so from time to time they steal my time....need some new bases for this unit. The newer units below was done fairly fast. Did not want to go over the top with the Archers. Quite happy with the result and really nice box of miniatures from the Perry twins there. Kept the bases really simle a little unsure what period/battle I wanted to depict, and not being very strong in the period.

Got a couple of boxes of the french which are really really nice, but so far only added a few knights to the unit below and working at some crosbowmen, which might turn up later.

Plastic Knights mixed with a few metals. The banner is just from the box, and I went for the stiff look. Might change that, but seen it different places shown like that so now I have to look into it before I let it fly in the wind. Plan on placing the Next batch on larger bases, which I find more appealing for the eyes and also more dynamic.

English knights in "White armour". The banner is just cut out from the ones supplied with the plastic set. It will do for know.
Bases are still very basic and this is what I am going for right now. In time maybe some turfs. About the painting. Been trying different methods with the armour with my HYW models. Black undercoat.... no paint at all on the metal models(I like that result too, and wil show some mounted knights shortly). This unit I painted with paint airbrush. 3 coats of dilluted Black wash and a few strokes of Black outlining. Gloss varnish airbrushed and then the coats, belts ect. handpainted with matt varnish. Think it turned out better than my usual method with Black undercoating followed with hard brush Work : ).

Charles de la Rievere compte de Dammartin

Sir John Evringham

Jean II le Meingre Boucicault

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