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mandag den 23. januar 2017

The Rebasing of an Army "Samurai"

Yet another regiment rebased. Originally 20 models 10x2 models. so actually got models for yet another base. Ran out of Sarrissa pression bases so while I wait for the postman this is what you got.
And yes missed the arrowfeathers... just noticed....White in a few minutes: ). This regiment is not intented for a particular Clan, so leaves me with the opportunity to include them in any army when Building a force for battle.

 This time I rebased a Takeda ashigaru regiment. They where originally based on 20mmx20mm bases with magnets, still they were not easy to arrange for battle and the long pikes just kept falling off. So 4 40mm x 60mm bases. 5 to 6 figures on each so think I got 3-4 left overs for some ronin regiment.

onsdag den 18. januar 2017

The Rebasing of an army

Started to rebase my samurai army. I just kind of like the look when the models are bases on bigger bases. It not onlly makes it easier to move them around but also offer the possibility to make more interesting, dynamic bases. Also it cuts down on models needed.
 I went for 40mmx60mm. Usually this is 6 models but then they have to stand very close. This is fine for napoleon armies organized in close ranks but samurai which fought in a much looser formation I think  the army could be represented in a more interesting way.

tirsdag den 10. januar 2017

Wild west "knuckledusters"

Finished those 2 from knuckleduster miniatures. The  figures from knuckleduster are fast becomming my favorite figures for my "dead mans hand" games. Also because right now there really is a good flow in new additions to the range. Can wait for those Card players to turn up at my local saloon.

onsdag den 4. januar 2017

Redoubt Canadian militia and Indians

My latest from redoubt miniatures from their French and indian range. First of all I really like the range. I really dislike the that sometimes the castings are not up to the expected standards.
I ordered thes together with marching English grenadiers. I got 2 broken bayonets, 1 broken militiarifle and 6 indians with just to much flash. Wrothe Redoubt 3-4 times and finally got through and the replaced the grenadiers without fuss and supplied 4 extras which made me happy Again : ) Think they need to improve their shipping methods. Suppling the different codes in clear plastic backs with no protection is not doing them any good.
 Well apart from that I really enjoy some of their newer codes. Full of character when you are used to painting Perry miniatures. Proberly cleaned I find them a joy to paint. Their older codes which the indians are part of have smaller issues like their deep eye sockets which can be quite a challenge.

With other ranges like galloping major I think redoubt have to do better. Their skirmishers and indians are really good but their regulars suffer from only being able to buy 1 or 2 poses pr code and most people I think will buy their redcoats elsewhere.

Hope this was usefull to you

all the best Rasmus