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Wild West

Knuckleduster  Digital

Knuckleduster Digital

DMH, Artizan

Knuckleduster(somewhat smaller than the new breed, but very usefull and once on the table nobody will notice.

Frontline, Battleflag


Battleflag, Artizan, DMH

Sarissa precision wagon. Totally nice and my first experiance from Sarissa apart from bases. Just perfect. Came together smothly and with 2 coffins. Everything for 7.5£. Nice.Simply painted the wagon with brush and a Little drybrushing no over thetop blending and quite fast. Used a Little more time on the coffins painting them wet in wet.

1 new 1 older Knuckleduster, cant wait for their mexicans/Bandidos. Knuckleduster just dont release bad figures.

Nice Guys for my big bar, now we just need some new dancers and a new pianoplayer.

Couple of women to run screeming away once the shooting starts or the one at the right might not be so easy to scare.

Knuckleduster figures

Knuckleduster figures. Doc, shotgun and bystander.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Where are the miniature in pic 11 come from?
    I need them.

  2. Hi Robert. If my count is Right it is the banditos you mean? They are from great escape miniatures. Send me an pm at if you need further info😉