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tirsdag den 28. november 2017

Henry V 1415

Mounted Henry V. Yes we all know he fought dismounted at Agincourt and this horse the Perry brothers chose to sculpt is probably not his warhorse but the one he rode when he addressed his men before the famous battle. Well anyway I choose to paint it the way I remembered it described in some sources...The knights all wear white armour without barding. Noticed right now the lances needed to straighten.I just when for an knight/man at arms for Henry´s banner allthought Sir John Codrington is depicted on the Osprey book cover......well many history sources say that that is quite uncertain. If anyone found other sources pls. tell me : )  

søndag den 26. november 2017

Depleted waffen ss squad.

Well actually just reinforcements for my Normandy german force. Also got the mg for the group but the team went awol for the photosession. As all my other figures for BA the are from warlords excellent range. Not much to say there. I loved the figure with the firing panzer faust(one in the middle), but it has a real weak spot, so it broke when I tried to straighten it out. well still a lovely figure...and had I had the time it could have been fixed.  

mandag den 20. november 2017

Samurai bandit

Bandit from Warlords "Bandits and Brigands". Must say that the quality of their test of honour  figures  suddenly became very promising. The figures are crisp and and well sculpted. Althought this is my first from that set I am eager to paint the last ones.
Also the small booklet I find very nice and usefull. The new scenarios adds new rules and I really like the storyline concept. Cant wait to their "Ninjas of Iga set to be released.

mandag den 6. november 2017

Count de Fauquembergues

Just a couple of additions of knights to my French army. Count de Fauquembergues, bannerbearer and herald.

søndag den 5. november 2017

English archer unit HYW

100 years war....again. This is the third archer unit for my English army. 24 models as the 2 others but this time with 2 additional bases I can place in front at a unit which is still preparing their position. Bought the figures from the perry´s a long time ago but have been struggling to figure out how to use them. Added a few plastic a couple of archers standing guard and the rest helping to drive the stakes in. Ran out of static grass so only the bases in front got some. Again I used a palette of many different colours, but about 10 figures are in the kings livery blue and white so gives the unit a little more uniform look than the others.As always a joy to paint the figures from the perry brothers.

Few more pics on the HYW page