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onsdag den 4. januar 2017

Redoubt Canadian militia and Indians

My latest from redoubt miniatures from their French and indian range. First of all I really like the range. I really dislike the that sometimes the castings are not up to the expected standards.
I ordered thes together with marching English grenadiers. I got 2 broken bayonets, 1 broken militiarifle and 6 indians with just to much flash. Wrothe Redoubt 3-4 times and finally got through and the replaced the grenadiers without fuss and supplied 4 extras which made me happy Again : ) Think they need to improve their shipping methods. Suppling the different codes in clear plastic backs with no protection is not doing them any good.
 Well apart from that I really enjoy some of their newer codes. Full of character when you are used to painting Perry miniatures. Proberly cleaned I find them a joy to paint. Their older codes which the indians are part of have smaller issues like their deep eye sockets which can be quite a challenge.

With other ranges like galloping major I think redoubt have to do better. Their skirmishers and indians are really good but their regulars suffer from only being able to buy 1 or 2 poses pr code and most people I think will buy their redcoats elsewhere.

Hope this was usefull to you

all the best Rasmus

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