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mandag den 23. januar 2017

The Rebasing of an Army "Samurai"

Yet another regiment rebased. Originally 20 models 10x2 models. so actually got models for yet another base. Ran out of Sarrissa pression bases so while I wait for the postman this is what you got.
And yes missed the arrowfeathers... just noticed....White in a few minutes: ). This regiment is not intented for a particular Clan, so leaves me with the opportunity to include them in any army when Building a force for battle.

 This time I rebased a Takeda ashigaru regiment. They where originally based on 20mmx20mm bases with magnets, still they were not easy to arrange for battle and the long pikes just kept falling off. So 4 40mm x 60mm bases. 5 to 6 figures on each so think I got 3-4 left overs for some ronin regiment.

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