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søndag den 31. december 2017

HYW City Militia banner bearers

1 plastic figure from the perry´s and one from Claymore casttings. The Perry´s nothing to say nice figures, very good rep. Claymore their range is incomplete but work is progressing well I think. They are early hyw but should not be a problem for most of the figures and they are stunning. Different facial expressions on each miniature casting totally crisp and the detail even better than perry miniatures and so much ahead of front rank.
Well actually it was the 2 banners I wanted to show. Both made of lead French foil from a good bottle of French wine, not around Peronne I am afraid but never the less. I actually just attached the little men big Studio transfers used for the pavisses. and painted the rest of the  

flag. Hmmm that did not quite work since the edges clearly showed. Of to work again with paint in multible layers and last lots of streaks to camouflage the transfer edges. Think it turned out all right and one needs to get really close to spot them now. The Dunkirk militia coming next, just waiting for the spears to arrive. Happy new year to all of you,

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